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June 2013
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The IIA Releases a COSO Resource Center and CAP Point OpportunitiesThe IIA COSO Resource Center

With COSO issuing an updated Internal Control–Integrated Framework (Framework), members are seeking the resources and tools to support implementation. The IIA COSO Resource Center has been developed to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date list of resources, tools, and training to support your member’s implementation efforts. Here’s a sample of what is available in the Resource Center:

  • Framework and Tools
  • FAQs and Overview
  • 2-Day Seminar Course
  • Companion Book

We encourage you to promote The IIA COSO Resource Center to your members and leverage the tools to educate your members on the Framework update. For your participation, we are offering CAP points. 

  • Earn 2 CAP points per month for sending a monthly e-mail promoting the COSO Resource Center or COSO Seminar Course (maximum 4 points).
  • Earn 1 CAP point per month for posting the tile ad on your Chapter website (maximum 6 points).
  • Earn 2 CAP points for posting a COSO Resource Center, course, and other product/service/news item on your website or in your newsletter (maximum 8 points).
  • Earn 2 CAP points if your chapter hosts a luncheon topic focused on the 2013 Framework.

You can access messaging, artwork and graphics, and tools for communications and promotions on the COSO Resource Center Toolkit Page.  

NEW Course Coming to a City Near You

Starting on May 22 and in 11 locations throughout 2013, the two-day course titled COSO 2013: Implementing the Framework is designed to support an organization’s implementation efforts and examines how a principles-based approach can be used to design, implement, and evaluate a system of internal controls.

Created by respected IIA subject matter experts, including COSO Chairman David Landsittel, COSO 2013: Implementing the Framework will enable you to not only interpret the COSO 2013 Framework but implement it as well. This new course will be offered at all remaining 2013 IIA Seminar locations. Register today and be prepared for the future of internal audit.

Visit The IIA COSO Resource Center.