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March 2014
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Let’s Celebrate! May is International Internal Audit Awareness MonthIA Awareness Month

International Internal Audit Awareness Month helps build awareness for the internal audit profession and the value internal auditors bring to their organizations. We’re all in it together. Successful chapter campaigns elevate the profession and serve as models for other chapters — even other countries — to emulate.

You are invited to play an important role in the upcoming Awareness Month celebration! Whether you focus on helping your members broaden internal audit awareness within their organizations, or join forces with other chapters to spur a statewide promotion, you can make a difference on behalf of the profession. Not only will this enhance the public image of your chapter and how it serves the profession, but it also will fill your members with personal pride in their chosen career.

Plus, did you know your chapter can earn Chapter Achievement Program (CAP) points by organizing an Awareness Month campaign? Click here for more information. 

The things you can do to build awareness are limited only by your chapter’s collective creativity and imagination. Start preparing now for this year’s International Internal Audit Awareness Month, and help raise awareness about our beloved profession. You can start by reviewing The IIA’s Building Awareness toolkit.

We encourage you to follow The IIA on Facebook www.facebook.com/TheInstituteofInternalAuditors and post photos of your chapter and individual Awareness Month activities. Also email your photos and let us know about your activities at PR@theiia.org.

Have fun this May in promoting the profession. The more people you get involved, the more you can accomplish!