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What does it take to be an IIA leader? (PDF)

IIA Volunteer Leaders
IIA members are served at the volunteer level by an international board of directors, 15 international committees, and institutes worldwide. In addition, bylaws approved by IIA members in December 2009 have authorized a North American Board as a Committee of the Corporation to oversee activities in the United States, Canada, Caribbean, and Guyana.

Board of Directors
The board was elected at The IIA's Annual Business Meeting on June 9, 2010, in Atlanta, Georgia.

North American Board
The North American Committee is a committee of the corporation with specific authority and oversight for North American activities of The IIA. It is comprised of the 10 North American directors on The IIA's Board of Directors, one representative from the Executive Committee, and The IIA's president. 2010-2011 North American Board

Executive Committee
The executive committee, comprising the international officers and the two past chairmen of the board, assists the board in overseeing the affairs of The Institute.

International Committees
The Institute has 15 international committees charged with specific missions and work to enable The Institute to meet the changing needs of its membership. The committees assist the board in the decision-making process by providing information, recommending courses of action, and undertaking specific projects or tasks. Approximately 400 members provide guidance and direction for The IIA through their participation on these committees.
Download a Guide for International Committee and Task Force Members (PDF).

District Representatives - North America
District representatives oversee activities of the 170 chapters in Canada, the U.S, Bermuda, and the Caribbean. North America is divided into nine regions, and the regions into 31 districts. Volunteers to serve are selected by a North American Nominating Committee and elected at the North American Membership meeting in April or June each year.

The IIA has over 250 institutes (chapters and institutes) worldwide. Each institute elects its own officers and board members. Some of the largest institutes have paid staff to administer its programs.

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