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Report 3: Measuring Internal Auditing's Value and Report 4: What's Next for Internal Auditing

Reports 3 and 4 will be available as a free download to our members mid-February. For nonmembers there is a cost of US $25.

Printed copies will be available through The IIA Research Foundation Bookstore in March (cost for members: US $25; cost for non-members US $45). 

The IIA Research Foundation is in the process of publishing five quick-read reports based on a global survey on the status of the profession across the globe, plus a bonus report on US stakeholders’ insight. The first two reports are currently available: Characteristics of an Internal Audit Activity and Core Competencies for Today’s Internal Auditor.  Click here for more details. Several international IIA Institutes are preparing to do specific research with regard to their region; please contact your institute for more information.

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