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First Quarter 2006
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The IIA Research Foundation: 30 Years, 1976-2006

In 1976, thirty years ago … the United States celebrated its bicentennial, Jimmy Carter defeated Gerald Ford for the U.S. presidency; the first laser printer was introduced by IBM, the first regularly scheduled commercial supersonic transport (SST) flights began; Viking 1 landed on Mars and beamed back photographs, the median household income was US $12,686 (current dollars), a first-class stamp cost 13 cents – and Microsoft celebrated its first anniversary. And in 1976, The IIA officially founded The Institute of Internal Auditors Research Foundation (then called The Foundation for Auditability Research and Education).

While research was a major objective of The IIA since its founding in 1941, the creation of FARE as a fully approved, tax-exempt corporation in the United States provided a better vehicle for inducing contributions for professional research and education. Today, The Institute of Internal Auditors Research Foundation serves as the integrated research and educational products arm of The IIA dedicated to facilitating the effective management of the internal audit guidance life cycle and developing global guidance resources.

In reflecting on the 30-year history of The Foundation, I am reminded of how far we have come and of the opportunities ahead of us. The Foundation has consistently set the standard for professional achievement in the internal auditing profession. Among The Foundation's most memorable research projects were the Systems Auditability and Control Report (SAC), the Competency Framework for Internal Auditing (CFIA), and soon, the Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK), an ongoing research program that will broaden understanding of how internal auditing is practiced throughout the world.

I am pleased to recognize The IIA Research Foundation on its 30th anniversary, and honored to serve as its 11th president. I share pride in the accomplishments of The IIA Research Foundation over its 30-year history, and know it will continue “defining the future” for many years to come.

Research Foundation President
Roderick M. Winters, CIA

Roderick M. Winters, CIA, CPA
Vice Chairman of the Board – Research
IIA Research Foundation President
Winters is the General Auditor for Microsoft Corporation. Prior to joining Microsoft, he spent 11 years with Deloitte & Touche. Winters was the recipient of The IIA's William S. Smith Certificate of Excellence for the November 1999 CIA exam. He is Vice Chairman of Research for The IIA and President of The IIA Research Foundation. He joined The IIA in 1994, served the Puget Sound Chapter as an Associate Trustee, and was formerly Secretary of The Foundation's Board of Trustees.