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First Quarter 2012
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Where Hospitality and Generosity Meet

When venturing into Atlanta, Ga., there are a few things you can count on: 1) you cannot drive more than a few blocks without landing on a street containing “peach” in the name, 2) there will be no shortage of friendly faces to direct you through the maze of peach streets, and 3) southern hospitality translates to ongoing generosity . . . at least when you are talking about The Institute of Internal Auditors’ (IIA’s) Atlanta Chapter.
IIA–Atlanta has donated regularly to The Institute of Internal Auditors Research Foundation (IIARF) since 2004, beginning with its donation to the then newly established William G. Bishop III, CIA, Memorial Fund. Since then, the chapter has made annual contributions in support of research totalling tens of thousands of dollars. It is something IIA–Atlanta Chapter President John Fuchko III, CIA, says plays a key role in helping the chapter achieve its goals of innovation, partnership, and advocacy. “Through supporting research, we support innovation. Additionally, we view our support of The IIARF’s efforts as an opportunity to partner with The IIARF on a more global basis,” says Fuchko. “Finally, The IIARF is the premier organization that supports internal audit research globally. Research is what drives the long-term improvements that will make the internal audit profession competitive and that speaks directly to advocacy.”
Fuchko credits his predecessors and the belief of IIA–Atlanta members in the value of the research The Foundation produces for the chapter’s long-term support. He applauds Bill Mulcahy’s efforts during his time as chapter president and later as chairman of the International Conference Committee, which resulted in a donation being made in honor of the Atlanta International Conference volunteers in 2011. He also notes the stellar example set by those like prior IIARF president and active IIA–Atlanta member Paul Sobel. In addition to being an individual donor to The IIARF and a member of the Fundraising Task Force, in 2009 Sobel donated his author stipend from a book he co-authored, Internal Auditing: Assurance and Consulting Services, 2nd Edition. Then in 2011 he wrote a paper for Oracle America Inc. and requested the organization make a donation to The IIARF in his honor.
Regardless of who receives the credit, one thing is clear: Atlanta’s drive to be a city of the future is supported by its IIA chapter. Evidenced through its long-standing support of The IIARF, IIA–Atlanta has proven it is a chapter that is invested in the future of internal auditing.



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