2009 General Audit Management (GAM) Conference: Session Detail

CS6-1: TUESDAY MARCH 17, 2009, 12:45-1:55 p.m.

Depression 2.0 or Merely The Recession of Our Lifetime?

Diane Garnick, CPA
Investment Strategist, Invesco Ltd.
  • Hear how financial services used to represent nearly 20 percent of the U.S. economy, and ask yourself, "What have we learned about this shrinking segment?"
  • Discuss which strategies will prevail, as the financial services industry continues to go through tremendous changes.
  • Discover how to identify which companies are likely to struggle and which will thrive in the new environment.




Presenter Biography: Diane Garnick, CPA

Diane Garnick has more than 10 years of investment experience and is a world-renowned plan sponsor advocate. She directs the firms Global Investment Solutions and Research Team. Garnick is best known for bringing complex investment theories into the reach of many decision makers. Prior to joining Investor, she was a global derivatives strategist at Merrill Lynch. Garnick has published hundreds of reports that focus on portfolio construction, volatility, corporate actions, equity indices, exchange traded funds, futures, options, accounting, and taxation. She founded the Ladies in Red, a charitable organization focused on charities geared toward solving issues faced by underprivileged children and women throughout the world.

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