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Audit Reports: Better Design, Faster Delivery

Your opportunity to...
  • Overhaul your audit report structure and format.
  • Speed up the delivery of reports, using staff and management time efficiently.
  • Design a report that addresses pressing communication needs in critical times.
  • Work hands-on to refresh or completely revamp your audit report approach.
  • Take away multiple electronic templates that you can adapt to meet your needs.
  • Build a quality checklist for your reports to increase consistency and efficiency.
  • Be guided by an expert who has worked with numerous organizations on their audit reporting.
Calling all...
  • Manager-level and above internal auditors charged with updating or redesigning their organizations’ audit reports and with using report-writing resources efficiently
Course Description

Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: Bring your current report template(s) in electronic format
Delivery Method: Group-Live

Attention! Laptops are required to gain the most from this workshop

Need to overhaul your audit report? Want to use your staff’s and audit management’s time better to get reports delivered faster? Need to be sure critical messages are getting through to your audit committee and executive management? Come prepared for a super-hands-on workshop. You’ll see and take away multiple electronic templates that you can adapt to meet your needs. And you’ll leave with a solid start on an updated, responsive, and contemporary report design—a design that can be executed efficiently to speed delivery of critical messages.

The workshop leader has consulted with dozens of internal audit shops on the design of their reports. The result? A report structure customized to suit your organization — enabling clear and rapid delivery of messages — whether yours is an audit shop in a large, multinational organization; a small, local organization; a for-profit or not-for-profit; and an organization with a conservative or progressive “culture.”

Course Outline
Report-Design Task Analysis
  • Assess the readers of your reports
  • Assess the readers’ uses of your reports
  • Set expectations for timeliness
  • Understand approaches that lead to and that impede timeliness
  • Assess design and/or production preferences and constraints
Use or Modification of Standard Structures
  • Design the overall structure of the report
  • Build executive summaries
  • Adopt whole-report, risk, management-awareness, and/or observation ratings
  • Consider adopting observation summaries
  • Structure observations
  • Use or omit appendices
  • Use best practices for up-to-date narrative, mapped, and table formats
  • Select an appropriate page orientation (portrait versus landscape)
  • Develop the graphic “look”
  • Select fonts and font sizes
  • Incorporate color, graphics, and photography
Special Considerations
  • Develop a report-quality checklist aligned with the report structure
  • Develop a report-quality checklist aligned with the report structure
  • Explore secure Web delivery
  • Design the consulting report
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