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Control Self-assessment: Facilitation Skills

Your opportunity to...
  • Understand the important role control self-assessment (CSA) workshops play in the CSA process.
  • Identify the key skills necessary for a successful CSA facilitator.
  • Recognize behavior that can disrupt a CSA workshop and learn how the facilitator should deal with such behavior.
  • Grasp the power of the group decision process.
  • Gain feedback from peers and instructors on conducting a CSA workshop.
  • Learn how to evaluate, review, and report results.
Calling all...
  • Auditors who have completed Introduction to Control Self-assessment or have a solid understanding of CSA concepts.
  • CCSA candidates who wish to satisfy the facilitation requirement.
Course Description

Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None
Delivery Method: Group-Live

It’s one thing to have a firm understanding of Control Self-Assessment; it’s another to become a successful facilitator of a CSA workshop. Yet conducting these workshops is an important part of the process. In this dynamic seminar, participants will join fellow auditors and CCSA candidates in presentations and practice CSA workshop facilitation techniques, as well as group discussions, case studies, practical exercises, self-assessments, and individual coaching and feedback sessions. Through these highly interactive sessions, you will gain an understanding of the important role workshops play in the CSA process, grasp the power of the group decision process, and learn how to evaluate, review, and report results.

This course satisfies the facilitation requirement for Certification in Control Self-Assessment (CCSA) and is the ideal follow-up for auditors who have completed Introduction to Control Self-assessment or have a solid understanding of CSA concepts.

Course Outline
CSA Background
  • Learn how others are using CSA
  • Identify others with whom you may want to further share CSA experiences
  • Practice your presentation skills
  • Help identify good presentation skills, and those needing improvement
The Art of Facilitation
  • Learn generic facilitator responsibilities
  • Learn additional responsibilities of CSA facilitators
  • Learn how to effectively handle various personality types in a workshop
  • Learn how making decisions individually is different than reaching consensus in a group
  • Begin practicing facilitation and recording skills
Preparing for a CSA Workshop
  • Learn the steps necessary to prepare for a CSA workshop
  • Understand the hierarchical nature of business objectives
  • Practice your interviewing skills
  • Discuss selection of workshop participants
  • Discuss commonly asked questions about CSA
  • Practice your facilitation and recording skills
CSA Workshop Practice
  • Practice facilitating the identification of controls to meet an objective, in a simulated CSA workshop
  • Practice identifying objectives for use in CSA workshops
  • Practice recording data for a workshop
  • Provide feedback to others as they practice their facilitation skills
  • Role-play various personality types to provide others experience in handling different workshop situations
Material for Further Reference
  • Appendix A – CSA Background
  • Appendix B – Control Frameworks
  • Appendix C – Risk Assessment
  • Appendix D – Soft Control Workshops
  • Appendix E – Other Facilitation Techniques
  • Appendix F – Feedback Sheet, Notes
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