2015 North American Pulse of Internal Audit

​The Pulse of Internal Audit report addresses challenges to the profession, emerging risk, and solutions for the internal audit practitioner. These specific solutions are developed through interviews with CAEs and other subject matter experts, as well as case studies and articles that take a deeper dive into these areas.


2015 Pulse of Internal Audit

Navigating an Increasingly Volatile Risk Environment

​According to The IIA Audit Executive Center’s North American Pulse of Internal Audit survey, more than half of respondents consider the identification of emerging risks to be their biggest challenge in 2015, but only a third of respondents expressed a high degree of confidence in their ability to actually identify emerging risks. Internal auditors are well aware of the myriad of current and emerging challenges. However, the survey also reveals a number of other areas that warrant closer attention.

2015 North American Pulse of Internal Audit