2019 North American Pulse of Internal Audit

The Audit Executive Center has gathered insight from leaders in the profession through the annual Pulse of Internal Audit Survey since 2011​. Each survey collects information about both established and emerging issues that are important to the profession as well as information about internal audit management (such as areas of focus, staff, and budget levels).

2019 North American Pulse of Internal Audit

Defining Alignment in a Dynamic Risk Landscape

By leveraging insights from this year’s Pulse, CAEs can better inform stakeholders about potential underperformance in four key risk areas and take advantage of recommended strategies for identifying and addressing any areas of weakness or misalignment that may exist in their organizations. By having the discussion with the audit committee, concerns are put on the record for action. As in previous years, the survey results also offer valuable benchmarking information on audit plans, staffing, and outsourcing. The report this year also features three-year audit plan trends with breakouts by organization types.​​

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