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CAE Facilitated Solutions

The Audit Executive Center (AEC) provides an option to AEC All Access members to utilize the experience, knowledge, and perspectives of CAE expertise at IIA headquarters. While not being able to solve all your problems or tell you the perfect answer for your specific situations, the following types of services are available to you:

  • Telephone conversation on specific issues or ideas
  • Help in identifying resources on specific topics
  • Engagement with your audit team virtually to provide insights on issues or topics
  • In-person participation in your organization’s local CAE event organized by you

CAE facilitated solutions offered are not unlimited and do not function as a full-time extended member of your staff. The services are only intended to provide CAEs extra support to help them solve a particular vexing issue, and to bring aspects of the latest relevant thought leadership pertaining to the possible concerns at hand. Examples of ways the AEC has supported members include:

  • Providing observations on metrics planned to be used for an internal audit activity scorecard
  • Participating in audit group virtual conferences, providing updates on challenges being faced by audit practitioners
  • Assisting CAEs in developing peer requests on topical matters to be shared with AEC members
  • Providing relevant and detailed content for a local CAE roundtable organized by an AEC member
  • Participating in on-site meetings of audit practitioners to present AEC content and other resources of interest to CAEs

It is often difficult for a CAE to obtain unbiased advice from a peer on specific topics. AEC All Access members have an opportunity to experience this service at no additional fee beyond their AEC membership cost (unless travel is required).

For more information on how AEC members can utilize this benefit, contact aec@the​