Effective Leadership

​CAEs are more than expert technicians – they must also be excellent leaders. They lead not only their internal audit functions, but are also leaders in their organizations, filling an indispensable role in governance, influencing the culture, speaking truth to power, and leading by exemplary example. While many of these traits are critical for every leader, there are certain attributes on which CAEs must focus given their specific role in the organization.


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Are You an Agent of Change?

New Tools for Change Agents

Learn how to influence change with an innovative "ground-up" model devloped by Dr. Jerry Jellison. Managers can help resisters overcome their fear of change through the power of positive doing, and realize personal satisfaction as well. Small steps guided by the right words and the right incentives make all the difference.  Read the Knowledge Briefing.

​Keys to Successful Leadership

​Keys to Successful Leadership

CAEs who are strong leaders are more likely to be perceived as competent and able to provide stakeholders with the information they request. CAE leaders “must be willing to crawl out on a limb to take a position that will not be well-received. They must be willing to invest their time in their people much more so than in their own career. … They must be humble, too, allowing others’ ideas to form before saying ‘no’ and accepting defeat when their team is wrong.” Read the article from Internal Auditor magazine.

​License to Lead

​License to Lead

Corporate boards and CEOs are demanding a CAE who understands all facets of the business and can operate as an agent of change. Korn/Ferry International and The IIA interviewed high-profile CAEs to identify the traits essential to CAE success. Seven attributes stood out which are explored in this report. Read the report.

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