Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Audit Executive Center?

The Audit Executive Center (AEC) is The IIA’s dedicated resource for chief audit executives (CAEs), built to address the unique needs of audit leaders. The AEC was developed to support the growing expectations of their stakeholders by providing tools, resources, and knowledge sharing for CAEs, senior management, and staff.

How can I learn what benefits the Audit Executive Center offers and the cost associated?

For your convenience, a complete list of Audit Executive Center benefits​ with pricing is available.

What is the membership period?

Membership to the Audit Executive Center (AEC) starts when you join and expires 12 months from that date. Upon request, we can align your IIA and AEC memberships under the same cycle, so both memberships expire at the same time.​

Can my staff access the Audit Executive Center?

If you join or are a current member of the Audit Executive Center at the AEC All Access or AEC Expanded member levels, your staff has access immediately as long as they are members of The IIA. Staff will log in with the email address and member password associated with their IIA member record.

What is the Audit Executive Center’s refund policy?

Membership is nonrefundable due to the nature of the services within the program.

What if I change jobs or move to a different organization?

If you are a member of the Audit Executive Center and move to another position or company,​ the memberships stays with the organization.

Can I contribute content and ideas to the Audit Executive Center?

​The Audit Executive Center is always looking for internal auditors who would like to share their lessons learned with others. If you or someone on your team has a knack for writing or is a subject matter expert, you might want to consider becoming a volunteer author or expert interviewee. The process is easy. Simply email​. Please include your contact information, and what you would like to write about.

How do I provide feedback regarding the website?

We welcome feedback as we continue to make enhancements to the site that will better meet the needs of chief audit executives. Please provide us with your feedback at