Welcome to the Audit Executive Center

CAE Exclusive Opportunity 

The A​udit Executive Center® is​​ the essential resource dedicated to what chief audit executives need to be more effective in serving their customers, their stakeholders, and their own professional development. The Center produces insightful, proactive, and future-focused content, specific​ally for senior audit leaders and their staff. It empowers its members to perform through delivering unparalleled access to:

  • A robust, content-filled website, featuring thought leadership organized by topic and sample templates and tools.
  • Exclusive peer-to-peer knowledge sharing with CPE opportunities, including forums, networking events, and exclusive Center webinars.
  • E-bulletins​, news publications, and alerts geared specifically for CAEs.
  • Access to the Audit Intelligence Suite (depending on membership tier), which features stakeholder surveys, individual and team skills assessments, and benchmarking capabilities.​​

The value and return on investment are immeasurable for CAEs of small or large, local or multi-national organizations who want greater access to tools, resources, and peers to resolve emerging risks and address trending issues in today’s global world.




AEC Essential Membership

Promises fundamental knowledge, ideal for any chief audit executive, in any sector or organization size, especially those leading a sma​ll audit function.


AEC Exp​anded Membership

Features all​ Essential benefits, plus additional CAE concierge services, training discounts, and staff-access benefits that help when unique needs arise.


AEC All Access Membership

​​Delivers all Expanded benefits, and exemplifies the preeminent membership for a high-performing, seasoned CAE with customized tools that focus on performance.