Peer Requests

Peer Requests are short, customized surveys initiated by CAEs. Audit Executive Center (AEC) members are able to connect with their peers to network and gain feedback from intern​al audit practitioners who have successfully conquered many of the challenges organizations face on a regular basis.

​As one of the most valued b​enefits of the AEC, CAEs use Peer Requests frequently to gather insight and recommendations from their CAE peers who may have experienced similar success stories or challenges. Topics like fraud investigation, strategic planning, cybersecurity, department organization, and audit committees have been explored through the Peer Request resource. Peer Requests are anonymously managed in a survey tool, allowing CAEs to share feedback and relevant examples with their peers without revealing their identity, if they choose to do so. Some findings from recent Peer Requests:

  • 79 percent of CAEs responding to an AEC Peer Request survey report they have experienced staff turnover in their internal audit function in the last 12 months. 44 percent say that salary was a significant factor in making it difficult to hire new staff.
  • 49 percent of CAEs say their organization has a formal structure in place to address a potential crisis with established protocols and responsibilities according to an AEC Peer Request survey.
  • 43 percent of CAEs responding to an AEC Peer Request survey say that the C-suite officer is the primary functional reporting line for Environmental, Health and Safety in their organization. 10 percent​ report that the risk or compliance offic​er serves in this role.

​Peer Requests may only​​​ be submitted by CAEs who are members of the Audit Executive Center. Please sign in to submit an inquiry.​​​​​​​​​