IIA Quality Services

IIA Quality Services​​​​​​

New! Annual AEC Member Benefit: Request your free consultation with an IIA Quality Assessor

As a new benefit of being an AEC member, IIA Quality Services has teamed with the Audit Executive Center to provide each member the opportunity to consult with a Quality Assessor annually regarding their Quality Assurance and Improvement Program (QAIP) or other related questions to conformance with the Standards.

Requesting a ConsultationRequesting a Consultation

The Consultation Request is quick and easy. Here's how it works:

  1. Submit a request with optional times and dates to be reviewed by one of our experts. You will need to sign in to access the form.
  2. A response will be provided to you in two business days.
  3. Schedule a private consultation convenient for you to ask and have answered any QAIP or related questions.

To submit your Request, click the button below.

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Resources from IIA Quality Services

Recent Insights to Quality Recent Insights to Quality

Quick tips for keeping quality in the QAIP

Concise and relevant recommendations for CAEs about maintaining a comprehensive QAIP and efficiency and effectiveness within the internal audit activity.

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External Quality Assessments External Quality Assessments

AEC members can also take advantage of IIA Quality Services to validate and strengthen the internal audit activity. Enhance effectiveness, efficiency, and successful practice implementation as part of an EQA. As a trusted source in the profession, we have helped hundreds of organizations to operate at the highest level of quality in a challenging, ever-changing environment by providing qualified audit professionals, a global benchmarking database, and a repository of successful practices as part of our external quality assessment (EQA) process.

As part of any organization’s oversight responsibility, and according to The IIA’s International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing, an EQA must be conducted at least once every five years. We assist CAEs in gaining support from the audit committee, enhance understanding of why an external assessment is necessary and valuable, provides the internal audit activity with opportunities for continuous improvement and demonstrates assurance to its stakeholders.

Learn more or get your free, no-obligation proposal today. Contact IIA Quality Services at quality@theiia.org or call +1-407-937-1399.

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