IIA Quality Services

IIA Quality Services​​​​​​

Trust the Quality Experts – Tools, Exp​ertise & Services to Support Your QAIP

IIA Quality Serv​​ices helps validate and strengthen your internal audit activity and enhance your effectiveness, efficiency, and successful practice implementation.

As a trusted source in the profession, we have helped hundreds of organizations in various industries and around the world by providing qualified audit professionals, a global benchmarking database, and a repository of successful practices. We assist CAEs in gaining support from the audit committee, enhance understanding of why an external assessment is necessary and valuable, and describe the different approaches.

In an ever-challenging environment, organizations need to stay current on corporate governance and ways to add value to operate at the highest level of quality. As part of any organization’s oversight responsibility, External Quality Assessments (EQA) must be conducted at least once every five years, according to The IIA’s International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing. An EQA provides the internal audit activity opportunities for continuous improvement and demonstrates assurance to its stakeholders. Learn more​.

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