Recommended Reading

See what CAEs are reading now. Access the IIA Bookstore​, which includes hardcover and eBooks, and explore the answers to the questions that keep you awake at night.

The IIA's Red BookThe IIA's New Red Book

Updated to include the new Mission of Internal Audit, Core Principles, Standards, and more, The IIA's new Red Book is a must-have for internal auditors. The user-friendly guide includes an intuitive table of contents and a quick reference index, plus a USB drive for enhanced search functionality.



Trusted AdvisorsTrusted Advisors: Key Attributes of Outstanding Internal Auditors

Trust. A word often underused when audit comes to mind. In Trusted Advisors, President and CEO Richard Chambers surveyed nearly 300 Chief Audit Executives and interviewed many executives to offer readers insight into developing attributes that will make readers an indispensable resource within their organizations.​



Collaborative AuditingCollaborative Auditing

Are you ready to ramp up the value you bring as an internal auditor? This book, by James Pelletier and Yuki Matsuura, shows you how to engage key stakeholders and provide them with the tools they need to manage risk and meet objectives.​




The IIA's Red BookDiscover the Four Behaviors the Board Expects From Their CAE

Wouldn't it be great if every chief audit executive knew exactly what leadership and the board expected? The latest CBOK Stakeholder Report reveals four key messages for the CAE, complete with action items.



The Security Intelligence CenterFrom Security Ops to Security Intelligence

Recent AEC Quick Poll results suggest in-depth investigations into internal audit cybersecurity strategies would be of use — specifically, moving organizations from a point of reaction to a plan of anticipation. Crowe Horwath partnered with the Internal Audit Foundation to create this new research report.

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