Risk Management

A New Reality of Risks

This report not only digs deeper during these unprecedented times, but also exposes emerging risk brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and expanding reliance on technology. Additionally, it provides actionable guidance on how to bring all parties’ perceptions of 11 critical risks facing organizations into closer alignment.

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Report Yields Valuable Clues on Risks for 2021

Richard Chambers discusses key insights from The IIA’s annual report on risk alignment among boards, executive management, and internal audit. “Observations from OnRisk 2021 go beyond noting the obvious fallout from lockdowns, economic uncertainty, and work site disruptions spurred by COVID-19. It examines how the pandemic has generally improved alignment among risk management players on business continuity, risk management, and communications.”
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Business Continuity and Crisis Response

Despite the universal consensus that an effective business continuity plan is a critical part of any organization’s overarching strategy, there appears to be a disturbing trend of misalignment. Read now.


AEC Risk Tools

The IIA’s new report OnRisk 2021 identifies 11 key risk areas that CAEs and their internal audit need to be prepared for. In order to provide a practical, useful guide to these risk areas, the Audit Executive Center has created a suite of Risk Tools, one for each area, giving you audits for consideration, and key points to discuss with board members. Each cites a myriad of downloadable resources leveraging the results from the OnRisk research.
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