Risk Management

Explore Top 12 Risks. Examine 6 Key Observations.

The qualitative interviews for OnRisk 2022: A Guide to Understanding, Aligning, and Optimizing Risk provide a snapshot of how the principal drivers of risk management interact, which risks pose the greatest challenges to their organizations, and how alignment on risk management efforts impacts success. Analysis of the results identified six key observations that shed light not only into how the 12 featured risks are understood, but also how the ability to manage risk is perceived. In-depth examinations of these observations can be found throughout this must-read report.

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2021 Regulatory Change

A new year has brought new risks, a new White House administration, and a vastly different regulatory landscape that will likely affect every business in some capacity, regardless of industry. This knowledge brief captures the perspectives of current CAEs across different industry sectors on how these changes may impact their businesses and how their internal audit functions can adapt to meet the new challenges.
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Business Continuity and Crisis Response

Despite the universal consensus that an effective business continuity plan is a critical part of any organization’s overarching strategy, there appears to be a disturbing trend of misalignment. Read now.


New! 2022 OnRisk Tools

The IIA’s new report OnRisk 2022 identifies 12 key risk areas that CAEs and their internal audit need to be prepared for. In order to provide a practical, useful guide to these risk areas, the Audit Executive Center is delivering new Risk Tools, one for each area, giving you audits for consideration, and key points to discuss with board members. Each cites a myriad of downloadable resources leveraging the results from the OnRisk research.
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