Service Provider Use of Benchmarking Data

The IIA Benchmarking system assists organizations in validating, measuring, and evaluating their internal audit activity. As a service provider, you can tap into this vast wealth of resources that can improve client relations and enhance overall service provided to your clients.

The system offers a significant opportunity for your organization to maintain or develop its competitive edge in the marketplace. We also urge service providers to encourage their clients to participate and use the Benchmarking System.

Site License Packages and Single Reports

The system provides data and information from its Benchmarking Reports via​ our site license packages and single reports. These reports offer various levels of reporting to service providers of the leading benchmarking data for the internal audit profession.

Service Provider Site License Packages and Single ​Report Price Listing

Please note that site license packages require contractual agreements between The IIA and your organization that outline the services to be provided by The IIA and the uses and restrictions associated with the use of Benchmarking data.

Ordering a Site License Package or Single Report

You will need to order your site license package or single report through the Audit Intelligence Suite. If you do not already have an account established within the system, please use the button below to create an account. An organization profile will be validated by IIA administrators before access is granted. Once established, you can place your order for a site license or single report at any time. If you select a Site License Package a contract is required, you will be contacted by The IIA to begin the contract initiation process.


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Special Arrangement for Providers of Quality Assessments

The IIA provides external quality assessments to organizations and a step within that assessment is the client's participation in and completion of the IIA Benchmarking questionnaire. We encourage service providers to do the same as benchmarking is critical to the measurement and success of an internal audit activity.

To encourage this, service providers can offer their clients a complimentary benchmarking report with the client's submission of the Benchmarking Questionnaire. In return, the service provider receives a discounted fee for the report on the client's behalf.​

Sample Benchmark​ing Report

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If you have additional questions about the IIA Benchmarking System, please contact or at +1-407-937-1415.​