Skills Assessment

Audit Intelligence Suite – Skills Assessment

The Audit Intelligence Suite – Skills Assessment allows you to evaluate the expertise and opportunities for improvement of your internal audit department team or individual staff members. As an internal auditor competencies-based assessment, you can acquire and then act on the results easily, affordably, and transparently.

In a short online session, the Intelligence Suite can evaluate individual or team proficiency in specific skills essential to further growth and opportunities in an internal audit career or department.

Core competencies assessed include:

  • Ethics.
  • International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF or the “Red Book”).
  • Internal audit management.
  • Governance, risk, and control.
  • Communication.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Persuasion and collaboration.
  • Internal audit delivery.
  • Improvement and innovation.

The Audit Intelligence Suite can accurately compare your team’s internal audit core competencies knowledge against the expected value for the role of each staff member. Our sophisticated software will validate all data gathered and results compiled. Upon completion of creating the customized skills assessment report, you’ll then be able to create improvement recommendations for your internal audit department team or individual staff members to close the knowledge gaps where they are needed.


Skills Assessment Pricing ​​

​Audit ​Group Size ​P​ricing
Under 25 US$99
25–99 ​US$249
100 or More ​US$399
AEC Essential Regular Pricing​​
AEC Expanded ​Member Benefit
AEC All Access ​Member Benefit​​


Bundl​e Pr​​ic​​​ing

Skills Assessment is a component of the Audit Intelligence Suite. While it is an outstanding standalone tool to appraise the development needs of your audit function, bundling Skills Assessment with Benchmarking Report and Stakeholder Survey will give you the crucial intelligence to succeed as a chief audit executive.

Save by bundling Skills Assessment with other components of the IIA Audit Intelligence Suite.​


​​​Audit Group Size ​Pricing
​Under 25 US​$299
​25-99​ ​US$449
​100 or more ​US$599
​AEC Essential Under 25 ​US$149
​AEC Essential 25-99 ​US$299
​AEC Essential 100+ ​US$449
​AEC Expanded ​Member Benefit
​AEC All Access ​Member Benefit

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Skills Assessment​​​
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