Stakeholder Relationships

​Internal audit has a number of stakeholders, or “customers” for their efforts. Maintaining strong, transparent, two-way relationships with stakeholders is essential for CAEs to ensure internal audit serves their needs, as well as enlisting the support internal audit needs from stakeholders to be able to perform its role to bring the most value to its organization. What information do internal audit stakeholders need most? In part one of a three-part series “Communicating with Stakeholders”, author and former chief audit executive Norman Marks explains how auditors can help the organization succeed by providing assurance, advice, and insight. View Part II. View Part III.


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Are Boards Shirking Their Responsibilities?

Are Boards Shirking Their Responsibilities?

In light of the #MeToo movement, corporate boards should be fully aware that they have the right policies and procedures in place to handle allegations of misconduct supported by the right culture. IIA President and CEO Richard Chambers says this key risk is often overlooked, and boards should turn to internal audit for help to fully execute their responsibility. Read more.

Engaging with the Audit Committee

​Engaging with the Audit Committee

Time and again, audit professionals talk about how internal audit can provide more value to the audit committee and the enterprise as a whole. Rarely, however, do we ask another crucial question that lurks just behind that subject. How can the audit function ensure that it works well with the audit committee at all?  Read the report.

Developing a Collaborative Relationship with Management

Developing a Collaborative Relationship with Management

A collaborative relationship with management helps chief audit executives (CAEs) work more effectively, more efficiently, and better assist the organization in achieving its objectives. Learn techniques from an experienced CAE on how to build collaborative relationships that engender trust. Read the Knowledge Brief.

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