An IIA & EY Report: “The Risky Six: Key Questions to Expose Gaps in Board Understanding Of Organizational Cyber Resiliency

Practitioners and researchers from The IIA and EY conducted extensive analysis to determine the root cause of how and why boards within all industries get a skewed picture of their organizations’ ability to protect themselves from cyber-related risks with the requisite resiliency. The team identified six key questions that if unanswered likely mean a disconnect exists.

Download now and learn the six key questions that must be asked to expose gaps in board understanding of organizational cyber resiliency .


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A Cyber Resilient Organization

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A Cyber Resilient Organization

This Audit Executive Center webinar, presented by CAE James Reinhard, covers the fundamental attributes of cyber risk and the response by CAEs. Watch the webinar playback or view the presentation slides.

The Disruption Imperative

The Disruption Imperative

​Change can bring new business opportunities for those organizations that are willing to embrace it — or the death knell to those that choose to ignore it. Yet despite that stark choice, organizations appear to be polarized over the pros and cons of disruptive innovation. It has the power not only to accelerate the pace of business and afford new ways of working, but also to turn long-standing business models on their head or make them obsolete.

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The Blockchain Conundrum

​The Blockchain Conundrum

Blockchain is an emerging technology that holds promise to change the way business is done. While most blockchain projects are still in the prototype phase, internal auditors need to understand the risks and opportunities that blockchain presents so they can be prepared to respond when the technology becomes operable in traditional business environments. Read on.

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