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Technology is an integral part of every organization’s activities. Technology risks can no longer be the domain of IT auditors, but must be understood and addressed by every CAE. Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence are but two potential technology-related risks CAEs need to be ready to engage with their organizations. Watch and listen as Brian Foster, Microsoft’s general manager of Internal Audit, discusses how to evaluate AI initiatives, including assessments of the reliability of data on which AI decision-making is based.


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A Cyber Resilient Organization

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A Cyber Resilient Organization

This Audit Executive Center webinar, presented by CAE James Reinhard, covers the fundamental attributes of cyber risk and the response by CAEs. Watch the webinar playback or view the presentation slides.

Are You Prepared to Assure Data Privacy?

​Are You Prepared to Assure Data Privacy?

As a CAE, how comfortable are you with discussing the new global privacy regulations with executive management or the audit committee? Have you partnered with the CIO, CISO, privacy officer, general counsel and other functions who own the systems that house privacy data? Have you documented the key controls, determined manual versus automated or provided assurance to the audit committee or the board? Larry Harrington, CIA, QIAL, CRMA, the recently retired Chief Audit Executive for The Raytheon Company addresses these questions. Read CAE Perspectives.

The Blockchain Conundrum

​The Blockchain Conundrum

Blockchain is an emerging technology that holds promise to change the way business is done. While most blockchain projects are still in the prototype phase, internal auditors need to understand the risks and opportunities that blockchain presents so they can be prepared to respond when the technology becomes operable in traditional business environments. Read on.

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