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The Audit Intelligence Suite (AIS) Team realizes the important role our data plays for researchers in our profession. That is why we have now designed this part of our website to accommodate and streamline the process of seeking approval to access our data. The data we are now allowing access to is the North American Pulse of Internal Audit, Global Pulse of Internal Audit, and Global Internal Audit CBOK (Common Body of Knowledge) data archives. In consideration of being particularly mindful of data privacy regulations around the world and our own privacy/confidentiality rules, we are no longer allowing access to the AIS Benchmarking data.

To obtain access, please submit the form by pressing the button below. The General Terms and Conditions must be agreed to, they will also be contained within the form, in order for us to consider your request.

AIS Research Request Form Process

Review Process (For Pulse ONLY)

Review Dates

Submissions received to date will be reviewed three times per year:

  • October 15.
  • April 15.
  • July 15.

Feedback will be provided to applicants approximately 30 days after the review date.

Number of Applications Accepted

The IIA will approve up to three applications per review period. Applications that are not accepted can be resubmitted one subsequent time.

Selection Criteria

Applications are evaluated based on:

  • Clarity and quality of research questions, hypotheses, and methodology.
  • Contribution to academic research related to internal auditing.
  • Qualifications of applicants.
  • Potential for journal publication.

General Terms of Data Use

  • All research conducted using IS data must be consistent with the Research Objectives of The IIA as updated periodically.
  • All parties that have access to the data must sign a Data-Sharing Agreement for use of data, which will be provided by The IIA upon receipt and approval of the data access request. Any data provided remains the property of The IIA and shall be used only for the purposes for which data access was granted.
  • Approved data access requests will be provided at no charge.
  • Data must be used to generate statistical summary information, presented in the aggregate, and may not be used for any purpose that would allow any individual, business, or organization to be identified in any publication.
  • Researchers who are conducting research at an institution of higher education agree to meet the requirements of their institution’s human subjects committee (or similar governance committee).
  • The data must be stored in a secure location with access limited to research team members only.
  • Researcher agrees to only use the data for the purposes described in the request, which is limited to educational or academic purposes only. Commercial use of the data is strictly prohibited.
  • Researcher agrees to acknowledge the cooperation and make proper attribution to The IIA in all research produced as a result of such cooperation and use of the data. The attribution statement for the data shall contain the following information:​
    Data was obtained from The Institute of Internal Auditors, Inc. (The IIA). Please visit The IIA’s website for more information.
  • Reports must include a disclaimer stating that the views in the report reflect the Researchers’ opinions and are not intended to represent the position or policies of The IIA.
  • Researcher agrees to provide electronic copies of any publication using the data along with an executive summary one (1) month prior to publication.

Research Request Form​​​​​​​​​​​​​​