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The Environmental, Health & Safety Audit Center is designed to serve the unique needs of the environmental, health and safety auditor. Adding the Center to your IIA membership gives you access to premium content only available to IIA members enrolled in the Center. The Center’s exclusive premium content includes:

Established in March 2016, the Environmental, Health & Safety Audit Center is a service to auditors working in the environmental, health and safety field and who are members of The IIA in North America.

Environmental, health and safety auditors include audit professionals in the construction, food processing, government, manufacturing, transportation, and professional service sectors and are increasingly needed in other business lines, including enterprises that engage in health services and retail sales. Within these heavily regulated industries, auditors face unique and complicated challenges to mitigate the risks facing their organizations and their clients.

The Environmental, Health & Safety Audit Center represents The IIA’s commitment to the profession by offering unique and meaningful content to service the needs of a specialized professional group.

Explore the vast network of resources, created and aggregated specifically for auditors and their stakeholders in the EHS field. The Center’s singular resource model allows for the most cost-conscious, efficient, and effective programs in the industry today.

In addition to providing The IIA’s standard membership benefits, the Center’s benefits include a host of services focused exclusively on environmental, health and safety auditors’ needs:

  • Industry News
  • Guidance and Resources
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Thought Leadership and Research
  • Training and Career Development

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Check out our frequently asked questions or contact Customer Relations at or +1-407-937-1111.


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