IIA Launches Environmental, Health & Safety Audit Center

​TEMPE, Ariz. (April 12, 2016) — A new specialty center from the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) was launched here today, designed to meet the needs of professionals in one of the fastest- growing audit areas.

The Environmental, Health & Safety Audit Center taps into the increasingly important role EHS auditors play in corporate governance as their scope of work expands beyond regulatory compliance to encompass risk mitigation, sustainability and other areas. The center will focus on expanding the reach of EHS auditing as its importance grows.

The new center evolved from The IIA’s planned merger with the Auditing Roundtable, an EHS auditing group created in 1982 that offers training and advocacy for the profession. The merger, announced last year, is pending final state regulatory approval.

The new EHS Center includes a dedicated website, unveiled today, with exclusive offerings for members of the new IIA center. The website will be available free online through June 30.

“The needs of today’s EHS auditors have grown in complexity as stakeholders demand more of them,” said Bill Qualls, president of the Auditing Roundtable Board. “This new specialized center from The IIA offers the resources of a global organization with the capacity to expand training and advocacy at a crucial time for the profession.”

As businesses take an increasingly global view of manufacturing and retail opportunities, the risks associated with workplace health-and-safety regulatory compliance expand. This positions EHS auditors to offer great value to their organizations. Similarly, the diversity of environmental regulations and growing pressure on corporations to integrate sustainability into business plans also offer new opportunities and challenges to EHS auditors.

“At a time when the influence of EHS auditing is growing rapidly, it is only natural for The IIA to launch the Environmental, Health & Safety Audit Center,” said IIA President and CEO Richard Chambers, CIA, QIAL, CGAP, CCSA, CRMA. “The new EHS website is just the start of our efforts to develop a specialty center dedicated to the serving the unique needs of EHS professionals.”

The IIA has long recognized the vital service provided by the EHS profession and the importance of having highly qualified practitioners. The Board of Environmental, Health and Safety Auditor Certifications (BEAC), a joint venture of The IIA and the Auditing Roundtable, has offered a suite of certifications for professionals to demonstrate their expertise in EHS- related topics since 1997.

While EHS auditors generally operate separately from the internal audit function, they are natural allies in the constant battle to improve corporate governance as the second and third lines of defense.

This battle demands that EHS professionals continually improve their skills and education, and the new center was created to allow just that, through a mix of exclusive and meaningful content, cost-effective training, educational products, and research.

The new center also will serve as an advocate for the profession, keeping abreast of changes in regulations, new legislation, emerging technology, and evolving stakeholder demands that impact the profession and its practitioners.

The center’s director, Tammy Wyche, brings extensive industry knowledge and international experience that includes work in hazardous waste management, environmental, health and safety auditing, employee training programs, and regulatory compliance.

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