Professional Development

The Environmental, Health & Safety Audit Center is dedicated to helping environmental, health and safety auditors achieve their professional goals. Whether you are looking to broaden your knowledge base, advance to the next level, or train your newest auditors, the Center, in partnership with The IIA, provides services to fit each need.

Event Calendar

The Center’s Event Calendar will keep you abreast of the latest events tailored to suit the environmental, health and safety auditor’s need for inexpensive, relevant, and efficient options.


There are many reasons to earn an official IIA certification designation. Whether it's the hallmark designation of internal audit — the Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) designation — or one of our specialty industry certifications or qualifications, obtaining a certification is professionalism defined. The Certified Professional Environmental Auditor® (CPEA®) and Certified Process Safety Auditor™ (CPSA™) are valued specialty certifications for audit professionals working in environmental, health and safety arena.

Earning an industry certification is like having a key to the vast world of opportunities the profession of auditing offers placed in the palm of your hand. It can open doors you did not even know existed, as the three or four letters that will follow your name upon earning a credential will make a powerful statement about the expertise you bring to the table.

Training and Education

Audit professionals need ongoing training and educational opportunities to keep up, regardless of experience level. The Center understands your time and budget issues and offers a range of free and price-conscious options. The Center’s expert team continues to develop options to support your learning needs including webinars, eLearning, IIA partnership offerings, and self-study courses.

Professional Networking

Get to know your fellow environmental, health and safety auditors by participating in a Center networking event. Whether you join one of The IIA's social media groups, comment on one of our podcasts, or exchange ideas during a webinar, the Center offers several peer-to-peer networking opportunities that are easily accessible online. 

No matter the outlet, professional networking creates personal and professional relationships, a forum of like-minded peers in which everyone shares in and benefits from a synergistic pool of knowledge and resources.


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