Training and Education

The Environmental, Health & Safety Audit Center delivers high-quality, low-cost online learning opportunities that enable convenient, cost-effective learning on your schedule. The Center offers a growing selection of webinars and on-demand self-study courses, allowing you to spend less time traveling to training and more time learning.

Not only do these innovative learning solutions save your organization’s training dollars, the Center’s online training options are designed to fit your busy day, travel schedule, and learning style — all while earning CPE/CPD credit. Since flexibility is one of the benefits of online training, the Center will continue to grow these new virtual offerings throughout the year.


Our webinars cover relevant and timely topics within the EHS field. These premium events are facilitated by EHS leaders who share their expertise on topics that impact the profession. Your IIA membership will give you complimentary access to all our live webinars and the previously recorded sessions in our archive. Webinar attendees will earn 1 to 2 CPE credits per live session depending on the length of the broadcast – a great way to work toward your certification requirements.

Self-study Courses

In search of focused training offerings that are available on your schedule? The IIA offers a variety of online self-study courses for audit professionals. Visit The IIA’s Self-study Courses page to learn more.


The Center’s se​minars are on-site, facilitator-lead courses that take attendees on a deep dive into important industry-related topics. These mini-courses are usually broken up into multiple short sessions to be a better fit for your busy schedule.

Event Calendar