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Tammy Wyche

Welcome to the Environmental, Health & Safety Audit Center (the Center) — the new specialty center of The IIA dedicated to providing resources essential to the profession of environmental, health and safety auditors.

The reason for establishing this new Center evolved out of a recognition of the role the profession has in auditing under the second and third lines of defense. The task of evaluating risk and sustainability in an organization is expanding and the complexity of situations encountered by internal and EHS auditors has prompted partnerships and integration within the auditing function. The Environmental, Health & Safety Audit Center will explore the commonalities the internal and external auditing professions have with one another and look to create opportunities to actively engage among the professions.

It is important to note that The IIA recently merged with the Auditing Roundtable (AR), a professional society founded in 1982 with a mission to enhance the practice of environmental, health and safety (EHS) auditing by creating a forum to advance ideas, procedures and member interaction. With their focus on promoting best practices in EHS compliance and management along with establishing standards and certification programs, their decision to merge with The IIA will result in great benefits for auditors within the EHS field.

We welcome Auditing Roundtable members into The IIA and look forward to the thought leadership they will bring to the Center. EHS auditing professionals will have the opportunity to serve on the Center's advisory board to assist in developing relevant content, conference topics and advocacy initiatives.

The IIA has invested in the Center to provide education and advocacy to those who work in the profession and to aid internal auditors in understanding how EHS auditors fit into the framework of internal auditing. The Center and all of its content will be open for everyone through July 1, 2016, via the exclusive website. During this open access period, take a look at our Knowledge Briefs and our Knowledge Library in the Publications and Media section. Knowledge Briefs are quick reads on current and relevant topics that will be posted regularly to keep you well-informed. The Knowledge Library is a repository of publications from The IIA's partners that provide you with a wealth of information on important, relevant topics. You will have access to articles and whitepapers authored by an array of industry leaders and subject matter experts all in one place. We will add fresh material to the Library regularly, so check it out often.

I also invite you to check out our upcoming environmental, health and safety webinars covering important and current topics to keep you informed. If you miss one, you will be able to find it in the Event Archives page of the Center website.

In the coming months, we will deliver even more great content and opportunities for you to develop your skills, advance your career, and share with your fellow EHS auditors. For example, one exciting upcoming event is The IIA's inaugural 2016 Environmental, Health & Safety Exchange on Sept. 28-29 in Washington, DC. The Exchange is a different take on the typical conference. The illuminating program will bring legislators, regulators, practitioners, and industry leaders together for engaging conversations on topics impacting our profession.

This is an exciting time at The IIA as we celebrate our 75th Anniversary. It is fitting that we launch a new specialty center to serve the needs of our diverse members and one that brings growth and value to the organization. We have great plans to make the Center the destination of choice for environmental, health and safety auditors.

I welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please take a look around the website. Tell us what you like or don't like. Suggest topics you would like us to cover. Become a guest blogger. This Center is designed for you, and we want to hear from you.

Tammy Wyche
Director, Environmental, Health & Safety Audit Center
Professional Solutions
The Institute of Internal Auditors

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