Knowledge Brief: India's Environmental Crisis

Leveraging his qualifications and global experience as an environmental engineer, Keshav Reddy discusses the role of third-party providers in performing environmental audits in developing economies.  

India is a country facing an intense environmental crisis that critically affects the health and safety of its millions of inhabitants. Yet, the country is unable to begin to address many of its pollution issues because it lacks proper estimates of the scale of the problems. Whenever agencies ask about starting a program to reduce air pollution, for example, the first question is what are the numbers?

There are no numbers. So far inadequate staff, lack of capacity building, and a corrupt system in India have prevented estimates from being documented. The best way to estimate these numbers is through an audit using a third party according to international standards. This article provides an outline for what I see as a comprehensive environmental audit program. Driven by third-party auditors with the support of the Indian government and larger global agencies, an audit will provide the crucial start necessary: Document numerical estimates of the extent of pollution problems so efforts can begin toward reducing them.

India's Environmental Crisis

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