Knowledge Brief: Auditing the Carbon Footprint1This brief discusses audits of organizational and product carbon footprint disclosures that can be seen in entity reports and product claims, as well as what methodologies can be used.DOWNLOAD NOW0 Brief: Auditing the Carbon Footprint
Knowledge Brief: Financial Impact of Climate-Related Events1Learn more about the current FASAB standards that can be utilized to ensure the damages from climate-related events are properly accounted for, reported on, and, in turn, audited.LEARN MORE1 Brief: Financial Impact of Climate-Related Events
NEW! Practice Guide1This guide describes the characteristics that distinguish public sector organizations from those in the private sector and explores how those unique aspects affect the internal audit activity.LEARN MORE0! Practice Guide



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Welcome to the Public Sector Audit Center (formerly the American Center for Government Auditing), the premier resource for auditors in the public sector. Supported by The IIA — the internal audit profession’s global voice, recognized authority, acknowledged leader, chief advocate, and principal educator — the Center was established to provide public sector auditors with low-cost, high-quality professional development; networking opportunities for knowledge sharing among public sector stakeholders; and ongoing, timely, and relevant reporting on trends, benchmarking, and thought leadership in the profession. The Center is committed to advancing the professional practice of auditing in the public sector by aggregating industry news, innovations, and key insights into a singular resource. Learn more or check out our frequently asked que​​stions​.​