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IIA Quality Services, LLC performs combined external assessments for conformance with U.S. Government Accountability Office’s (GAO) Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (Yellow Book) and The Institute of Internal Auditors’ (IIA) Standards (Red Book).

The GAO and IIA are recognized as leaders in promoting high quality and professional audits through the issuance of professional auditing standards. Each set of standards provide a framework for conducting high quality audit work. Combined these standards are complimentary and can be used for the audit organization to establish a successful quality assurance system.

The road to developing a quality assurance program is unique to each audit activity and specifically within public sector groups. The first challenge may be where to start. As you embark on this journey, IIA Quality Services is here to provide guidance and resources to assist in mapping the way.

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Constructing a complete quality assurance program includes external assessments that provide a means for evaluating the audit activity’s conformance with the Yellow Book and IPPF - Red Book, as well as assessing efficiency and effectiveness. IIA Quality Services is an avenue to for accomplishing a concurrent, independent external quality assessment of both sets of Standards.

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If you have questions or would like for IIA Quality Services to conduct a dual external assessment of the Yellow Book and IIA Standards, please contact us at quality@theiia.org or call +1-407-937-1399.