Performance Audit Practices With Corrie Stokes

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In this broadcast, Corrie Stokes, deputy city auditor at the City of Austin, Texas, joins host Tom O’Connor to discuss Emerging Strategies for Performance Auditing and her thoughts on the barriers that internal auditors face in local government.

Stokes shares what attracted her to performance auditing and touches on how the diversity from a performance audit perspective makes her position so fulfilling and exciting. She also shares three of the 12 best practices for performance auditing she feels that are most beneficial to her audit function.

Corrie StokesCorrie Stokes, CIA, CFE, CGAP
Deputy City Auditor at the City of Austin, TX

Corrie Stokes joined the City of Austin in 1999, and has had the opportunity to work in most areas of city operations. She has delivered training and presentations on auditing fundamentals, fraud consideration, and various audit analysis tools. Stokes serves as president of the Association of Local Government Auditors, and the vice chair of the Southwest Intergovernmental Audit Forum.