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Volunteer Leadership

Volunteer Leadership

The Global Nominating Committee has developed a rigorous and transparent nominating process for selection of future Board members. This process extends to the North American Board and Internal Audit Foundation Board of Trustees. Key factors to be considered in determining the slate of nominees for the Boards are (a) commitment – the time and skills needed to contribute, and (b) diversity – ensuring the boards are sufficiently diverse (e.g., geographical perspective, gender, age, ethnicity, skills, competencies, and experience), including length of service time and level of proficiency.

Global Board of Directors

It is the role of the Global Board to oversee the management of The IIA. The Global Board delegates responsibility for day-to-day management to the President and CEO. The Global Board provides the President and CEO with guidance and strategic oversight to advance The IIA’s mission.

North American Board

The mission of the North American Board is to ensure that volunteer and staff activities of The IIA adequately address the needs of North American membership through continuous monitoring of programs, services, and budgets relating to North American members and chapters.

Board of Trustees

Leveraging donor generosity, we support the development of a competent global body of internal audit practitioners that enhances organizational governance and enhances and protects value.