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North American Board Structure

North American Board Structure


  • Chairman
  • Senior Vice Chairman
  • Vice-Chairman* (5)
  • Member* (2)
  • Immediate Past Chairman (1)


The NA Board shall be composed of:
  • 4 Officers
  • 1 Canadian Member
  • 5 Members at large
  • 1 Ex-officio Member who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Ex-officio Member is defined as a voting member who holds office by virtue of the fact that he/she have been appointed or elected to a position that includes a sear on the NA Board.

Desired Competencies for the North American Board

  • Strategic thinking
  • Global perspective
  • Leadership capabilities
  • Business acumen
  • Fiduciary responsibility (e.g., put The IIA first)
  • Fluency in English
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills


Candidates from North America are selected based on competencies, global perspective, and broad mix of NA regions or industries to help balance Board diversity. CIA preferred. A maximum of one non-CIA and/or non-IIA member could be considered if specific competencies are needed. Officers must be a CIA.


To ensure that volunteer and staff activities of The IIA adequately address the needs of North American membership through continuous monitoring of programs, services, and budgets relating to North American members and chapters. As prescribed in The IIA Bylaws, the NA Board Chairman, Senior Vice Chairman, and two additional NA Board members will be selected to serve on the Global Board.


One or two years.

Nominate Now

Note: Senior Vice Chairman of the NA Board is expected to succeed the Chairman of the NA Board.