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Volunteer Engagement

Volunteer Engagement With Longer-term Commitments

Advisory Councils

Advisory Councils exist to provide a strategic link between the Board and IIA staff initiatives in support of the strategic plan. They are designed to drive alignment between implementation of strategies and the Global or NA Board.

To advocate and promote the value of internal auditing in alignment with IIA strategy and specific advocacy goals.

To advance the content strategy of The IIA to ensure members are competent, confident, and courageous to deliver on stakeholder expectations and demonstrate the value of the profession.

Committee Summaries

Committee terms are usually for two years, with half of the members’ terms expiring each year. Members may be replaced annually if not effectively contributing to volunteer activities and should not serve more than two consecutive terms on the same council or committee. Members are expected to have funding for travel and expenses for planned in-person meetings.

Canadian Board (Canada Only)*

To ensure that volunteer and staff activities of IIA Canada adequately address the needs of Canadian membership through continuous monitoring of programs, services, and budgets relating to Canadian members and chapters.

Chapter Relations Committee (North America Only)
To assist chapter leadership as a resource and liaison to The IIA in enabling chapters to meet their objectives: that the professional practice of internal auditing is effectively promoted through a full range of quality services to members and that effective strategies are developed to address issues and opportunities at the chapter level.

Committee of Research and Education Advisors
To provide the internal audit profession with the information needed to anticipate and react to important external and internal factors that could have a material impact on the practice of internal auditing.

Institute Relations
To promote and facilitate the development and maintenance of a global strategy that fosters good communication, collaboration, and cooperation among The IIA and all affiliates; to oversee the global presence and expansion of The IIA.

International lnternal Audit Standards Board*
To provide authoritative, relevant, timely, and globally recognized standards, a code of ethics, and related implementation guidance essential to the delivery of consistent and high-quality internal auditing.

Professional Certifications Board (PCB)*
To govern and promote The IIA’s global certification programs that are recognized as the global benchmark for the profession.

  • Subcommittee of the PCB: Exam Development *
    To ensure that the content of The IIA’s certification exams is continuously aligned with and reflects the current global practice of internal auditing, including the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF).

*Open to IIA-certified members only (Some are CIA only)

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