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Application Controls

Format: On-demand

There is a direct correlation between complexity of transactions and support applications and the availability, use, and reliance on inherent and configurable application controls. A less complex IT infrastructure may not offer as many inherent or configurable application controls for risk management. The degree of transactional and support application complexity will drive the scoping, implementation, level of effort and knowledge required to execute an application control review, as well as the degree to which internal auditors can assist in a consulting capacity.

One of the most cost effective and efficient approaches that organizations use to manage the risks associated with business processes associated with applications is using controls that are inherent — or embedded into transactional and support applications — as well as controls that are configurable. An extremely hot topic in the world of risk and control management is the ability of the organization to maintain segregation of duties by job responsibilities and functions. Automated access controls can facilitate this process. 

The primary focus of this course is to provide participants with an introduction to IT application controls. This course will cover the benefits of application controls, review the approaches to their execution, and recommend tests to review the program.

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