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Effective Leadership for Corporate Compliance and Data Ethics

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Corporate compliance and data ethics cover not only what’s required but also encompass behavior, specifically what is right and wrong, and can include how data is handled, recorded, curated, processed, disseminated, shared, and used. Data ethics is important for companies, agencies and individuals as data contains some of the most private and valuable information. In Europe the GDPR establishes data ethics in shared information. In the US, companies like Bloomberg and others have started the discussion on guidelines for ethical data sharing.



Tahmina Day, Governance, Risk, and Compliance Leader
Tahmina Day has over 18 years of experience in the financial services industry. For over 11 years, Ms. Day served as a Corporate Governance Officer of the International Finance Corporation (IFC, a member of the World Bank Group)’s ESG Group. In that role, she was the team leader and key expert in corporate governance, risk management, and internal control, providing advisory services to over 20 IFC investment portfolio companies. This resulted in the client companies generating over $250 million dollars in investment. Ms. Day helped IFC client companies to establish Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) practices, governance structure, and internal control systems based on Corporate Governance Principles, COSO Frameworks, ISO, ESG frameworks, and SOX requirements. Recently, Ms. Day served as a risk and compliance senior manager at CIT Group, Inc., and Fannie Mae. At her current role as a Vice President of ERM at Seacoast Bank, she is responsible for developing and implementing all aspects of the ERM program. Ms. Day holds an MBA degree from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. In recognition of her expertise and contribution to corporate governance development, she received the Rising Star of Corporate Governance Award from the Columbia University School of Law.

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