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Vietnam Offers

The IIA is committed to providing the latest tools and resources as you advance on your internal audit career path. We are pleased to offer you the following as an IIA–Vietnam member.


Getting the most out of all IIA programs, products, and services starts with membership. Join now and receive 25% OFF* your membership. Use promo code NewChapter25 at checkout.

*Discount valid through 30 November 2022.

Quality Assessments

IIA Quality Services helps validate and strengthen your internal audit activity and enhances your effectiveness, efficiency, and successful practice implementation. IIA Quality Services will conduct an independent readiness assessment (gap analysis) focused on the internal audit activity’s current level of conformance with the Standards, and then make recommendations for remediation of identified gaps to the IPPF. Additionally, opportunities will be identified to improve efficiency and effectiveness and further strengthen your internal audit activity to add value to the organization.

For more information, visit IIA Quality Services.

**Discount valid through 31 January 2023.