3 Areas of Focus for New Internal Auditors3 Areas of Focus for New Internal Auditors153784hpamtzdzpehN_vKBwWjNdGzkxN3aJjktda725137c9984f7bb71b73d2a8e723b5Daniel Street, an internal auditor with PRGX Global, talks about transitioning from college to the business world and three areas that should command new auditors' respect.https://house-fastly.us-east-1.ooyala.com/hpamtzdzpehN_vKBwWjNdGzkxN3aJjkt/AZ2ZgMjz0LFGHCPn4xMDoxOjBrO-I4W8https://www.theiia.org/sites/auditchannel/Lists/AuditChannelVideos/DispForm.aspx?ID=1537843 Areas of Focus for New Internal Auditors


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