CBOK 2015: Challenges for Public Sector AuditorsCBOK 2015: Challenges for Public Sector Auditors153741tlYnJxeDpBOTroKAINUyPDLwLsExNKVada725137c9984f7bb71b73d2a8e723b5Auditors in the public sector face unique challenges: having to satisfy internal stakeholders while being accountable to politicians and the public. Pile on funding shortages, threats to objectivity and independence, and new and changing risks, and you have an interesting mix. So how are auditors in the public sector managing this juggling act?https://house-fastly.us-east-1.ooyala.com/tlYnJxeDpBOTroKAINUyPDLwLsExNKVa/YUAndpMCbXk_9hvX4xMDoxOjBrO-I4W8https://www.theiia.org/sites/auditchannel/Lists/AuditChannelVideos/DispForm.aspx?ID=153741CBOK 2015: Challenges for Public Sector Auditors


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