Where Do Exam Questions Come From?Where Do Exam Questions Come From?50680xidGpzdzpBrXIswZz8PjXmNhuYXrcAY98c7bf5d07e9e43178f045565d8d4e592In this video, Glenn Ho, CIA, CRMA, Partner KPMG South Africa and Chair of The IIA's Exam Development Committee (EDC) explains how questions are written and submitted by certified professionals world-wide and then evaluated by the EDC. Watch as Glenn discusses how certified individuals and chapter members can contribute to the profession by becoming involved in the exam development process.https://secure-cf-c.ooyala.com/xidGpzdzpBrXIswZz8PjXmNhuYXrcAY9/3Gduepif0T1UGY8H4xMDoxOjBrO-I4W8https://www.theiia.org/sites/auditchannel/Lists/AuditChannelVideos/DispForm.aspx?ID=50680Where Do Exam Questions Come From?

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