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GTAG: Assessing Cybersecurity Risk

Global Technology Audit Guides janv. 15, 2021

Identifying, Assessing, and Mitigating Cyber Threats

GTAG-Assessing-Cybersecurity-Risk.jpgOrganizations of all types are becoming more vulnerable to cyber threats due to their increasing reliance on computers, networks, programs and applications, social media, and data. In response to such emerging risks, CAEs are challenged to ensure management has implemented both preventive and detective controls. CAEs must also create a clear internal audit approach to assess cybersecurity risk and management’s response capabilities, with a focus on shortening response time.

The IIA’s Global Technology Audit Guide (GTAG), Assessing Cybersecurity Risk: The Three Lines Model, was designed to help internal auditors develop competence in providing assurance over cybersecurity risks.

Assessing Cybersecurity Risk: The Three Lines Model discusses the internal audit activity’s role in cybersecurity; explores emerging risks and common threats; and presents a straightforward approach to assessing cybersecurity risks and controls.