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Global Internal Audit Standards 

Current status: Standards Board is analyzing public comments and survey results.

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IIASB Reviews Feedback on New Global Internal Audit Standards

During the IIA’s International Committee Meetings in Amsterdam, July 13—15, the Standards Board discussed themes arising from comments on the draft Global Internal Audit Standards™ received during the public comment period. The Standards Board continues to review nearly 19,000 specific comments from 1,612 surveys that were submitted. The chart below shows the level of agreement among survey respondents with each major element of the proposed Global Internal Audit Standards.


IIASB immediate past Chairman J. Michael Peppers: We asked. You responded. With your help, we will elevate the impact of internal auditing. Thank you!


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New Standards are coming

The historic project to transform the IPPF, including the Standards, for the future is well underway. Learn more about this project and the new Global Internal Audit Standards™.

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