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The Milestone-Based Recognition is open to:

  • Affiliates in good standing with The MRA (Master Relationship Agreement or ICA (International Chapter Agreement) at the time of the recognition.
  • Affiliation with The IIA: The anniversary recognition is based on the affiliation date.
  • Recognitions in this category are not retroactive.
  • There is no need to apply for a Milestone-Based Recognition.

The Activity-Based Recognition is open to:

  • Institutes and full-status international chapters in good standing with The MRA/ICA at the time of the recognition.
  • All recipients should be IIA members or employees of an IIA Affiliate.


Eligible Affiliate is required to submit an application by the deadline. Affiliate is allowed to submit an application for each recognition category and be eligible to win in each one. Affiliates/recipients are eligible to receive the recognition for the same category the following year(s) provided a new initiative is submitted

How to Apply

  • Applications for the 2022 Activity-Based Recognitions will be accepted from 1 August 2022 to 31 March 2023
  • Recognition Recipients will be celebrated during Global Assembly in 2023. This category recognizes qualified Affiliates that show leadership or have a range of activities and initiatives in the following four areas: Collaboration; Innovation; DE&I; and Leadership of staff/volunteers (local unsung heroes).
  • Please choose the category that most closely fits the activity you are submitting for consideration.  Please review the Application Guide for more information.

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