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Academic Relations

The Next Generation of Internal Audit

Program Overview

The IIA strengthens the internal audit profession through education. For decades, The IIA has been committed to Academic Relations by providing dedicated staffing and volunteer support. As the profession evolved, so did the needs of the academic community for “internal audit-ready” graduates to enter the business arena and meet the demand for graduates with a reduced learning curve.

To help fill the pipeline with such graduates, The Academic Awareness Program and the Internal Auditing Education Partnership (IAEP) were created to support institutions of higher education in creating stellar learning opportunities for those interested in a career in internal auditing.  

  • The Academic Awareness Program recognizes the various degrees of commitment and effort universities are making to provide students with the information and skill sets necessary to be able to choose from a variety of career paths.
  • The IAEP Program endorses schools teaching an internal audit curriculum within a degree program (undergraduate or post-graduate).

IIA Certifications

The launch of the revised Internal Audit Practitioner program requirements makes it possible for beginning internal auditors, including students, to prove their aptitude and foundational knowledge of the Standards. The designation is active for three years and provides a pathway to becoming a Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®). Learn more about the Internal Audit Practitioner program.

Students who complete the internal audit curriculum from an IAEP Program University should be prepared to sit for the CIA upon completion of their coursework.

Support Academic Relations

Support of The IIA’s Academic Relations efforts is made possible through the Academic Fund.

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