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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

The IIA’s Goal

One of The IIA’s strategic priorities is to ensure all members have full and equal participation in the association. Through diversity and inclusion, our goals are to:

  • Foster the recruitment and retention of diverse members in The IIA and their advancement through its leadership.
  • Enhance opportunities for diverse individuals to participate in IIA activities and programs.
  • Promote a culture of inclusion that attracts diverse members of the profession to The IIA.
  • Educate members and stakeholders about the benefits and importance of diversity and inclusion.


A professional association where all members and employees are valued and have an equal opportunity to participate and succeed, allowing us to meet the needs of our growing global and diverse membership.


To build a vibrant and diverse association for all members, volunteers, and employees by embracing their diverse talents, opinions, experiences, backgrounds; and foster inclusion that invites collaboration, fairness, respect, and innovation, enabling everyone to participate and contribute to their full potential.

Commitment Statement

To enhance The IIA’s ability to carry out its mission, it makes diversity and inclusion a priority for all volunteer leaders and employees. The IIA will foster an environment where talents, ideas, and individual differences are respected and embraced. The IIA will encourage participation, collaboration, and fairness for all members, volunteers, and employees, while leveraging diversity and inclusion through the organization enabling everyone to maximize their full potential. The IIA will provide leadership, and commit time and resources to accomplish this objective.

Keys to Success

It takes time and effort to enhance an organization’s diversity profile and to work toward an inclusive culture. The IIA has committed to evolving its efforts through five keys to success with short- and long-term actionable steps:

  1. Integration: Align diversity and inclusion initiatives with The IIA’s strategic focus and integrate it into membership, volunteer leadership, and program initiatives.
  2. Leadership: The composition of The IIA’s boards and committees, and the manner of selecting the individuals for those positions, will be reflective of The IIA’s membership and maximize engagement of diverse talents, opinions, experiences, and backgrounds.
  3. Communications: Diversity and inclusion initiatives and accomplishments shall be incorporated into The IIA’s communication and marketing strategies.
  4. Membership: Grow and diversify The IIA’s membership by increasing outreach and relevance among professionals in key identity groups.
  5. Chapters: The IIA diversity and inclusion initiatives and accomplishments shall be integrated into The IIA’s North American chapters.

For more information about The IIA’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, please contact

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