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Risk in Focus

Today's Global Risk Landscape

About Risk in Focus

Risk in Focus provides practical, data-driven insights to help internal auditors and their stakeholders understand today’s risk environment and prepare audit plans for the year ahead.

Reports are based on a worldwide survey of internal audit leadership and regional roundtable results. Risk in Focus was originally developed by the European Institutes Research Group (EIRG), which continues to produce reports each year for Europe.

Reports and stakeholder presentations are provided free to the public, thanks to support from the Internal Audit Foundation, IIA Institutes, corporate sponsors, and IIA regional bodies ACIIA (Asia), AFIIA (Africa), ARABCIIA (Middle East), ECIIA (Europe), FLAI (Latin America).

Latest Reports


Risk in Focus 2024 Global Summary

The worldwide participation in the Risk in Focus survey provides a rare opportunity to compare risk and audit planning between different regions.

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Africa Risk in Focus 2024

A strong wave of digitalization is helping to transform Africa’s economies and government systems, but it has also left organizations more vulnerable to cyberattacks and customers open to online and mobile scams.

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Asia Pacific Risk in Focus 2024

Internal auditors say risks in Asia Pacific are uniquely complicated by the high level of economic and political interconnections between countries in the region.

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Europe Risk in Focus 2024

Macro-economic instability is pushing internal auditors in Europe to recalibrate their efforts to face interconnected challenges in the region.

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Latin America Risk in Focus 2024

CAEs in Latin America and the Caribbean say building relationships within their organizations and with other businesses and entities across the region is essential.

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Middle East Risk in Focus 2024

Internal auditors in the Middle East advocate for more maturity in their organizations, with long-term planning and skill development.

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North America Risk in Focus 2024

North American internal auditors are seeking closer collaboration with stakeholders, often acting as advisors to the board and management on mission-critical projects.

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