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Internal Audit Essentials Bundle

Format: On-demand

This course bundle guides internal auditors through the required elements to perform a successful internal audit. You’ll learn systematic approaches to help complete efficient and effective audits to support your organization’s strategic objectives, complete with tools to aid in conducting and communicating engagements.

This training bundle includes the following courses:

  1. Introduction to Internal Auditing
  2. Internal Control Frameworks
  3. Introduction to the Engagement Process
  4. Conducting the Assurance Engagement
  5. Assurance Engagement Communications
  6. The Consulting Engagement
  7. Audit Evidence and Workpapers
  8. Communication Basics
  9. Understanding the IPPF
  10. Ethical Scenarios for Internal Auditors

To learn more about each course comprising the bundle- including specific learning objectives- please visit the unique course product pages.

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