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Cyber Resource Center

Seeking Cyber Resources.
Finding Cyber Solutions.

Cybersecurity continues to be a pervasive challenge with 85% of audit leaders in the 2022 Pulse of Internal Audit Study ranking it high or very high risk in their organizations. Yet it only covers 11% of audit plans.

How are you managing cyber risks in your plan? We have the solutions for you.

2024 Cybersecurity Virtual Conference

The Cybersecurity Virtual Conference is part of a series of one-day conferences designed to help internal auditors stay ahead of critical issues and be more responsive in their work.

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Auditing the Cybersecurity Program Certificate

Be the critical barrier between a potential cyber-attack and your organization. This certificate program showcases fundamental competencies in 12 key areas that demonstrate the ability to effectively assess an organization’s cybersecurity governance, management practices, and program capabilities.

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Don’t hide from cyber risk, seek the resources and find the solutions.